Monday, February 13, 2006

Preparing for Speech#2 "Organize Your Speech"

I can't believe it! Just last week, I had tested my courage to start delivering my speech project number 1 (after almost six months of fear to speak in public). Truly, life is just a matter of taking your first step. Life is just a matter of taking risks. Now, I am already scheduled to deliver my second speech project about "organizing a speech". The first speech is about "ice breaker" where I talked about my personal background. Right now, I still have no title for my speech project. As I browse through the TMC Manual, I have learned that in any speech our goal is to give ideas and occassionally persuade the audience to take action. I already have some choices for the title, but still can't decide. In short, the hardest thing in coming up with the speech is selecting a topic and coming up with a good title.


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