Thursday, January 26, 2006

S&W TMC Meeting : January 25, 2006 : Speech Audio Recordings

It's so nice to have attended again the Toastmasters Club meeting. I was so excited to go to the meeting today that I even told my PM/TL yesterday that I will be on night shift today because I need to attend the meeting. After I had dinner at Gateway Mall in Cubao, I ride the train to Buendia and took a bus ride in a gloomy and rainy afternoon. As I rushed to the venue at 1.01 MSE San Carlos, I'm already late when I entered the room and they already started the program. I noticed that everyone is being asked to introduce themselves and when it's my turn already to speak I don't know what to say as I'm still gasping my breath. So, I asked Nats, the President, who is currently acting as the Toastmaster's for the evening, to repeat the instruction and so I learned that I need to complete the phrase "I am nearing the end of....". The funny thing is that I said "I am nearing the end of my childhood..." (and suddenly everyone is laughing), "... I mean I am now changing into a mature individual as I now concentrate on my work in Accenture and my goals in life...". I can't believe it that what I've said is humorous!

Here are the recorded prepared speeches this meeting...
Note: Download an AMR player to listen to this.
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This were recorded using my Nokia6230i.

Cherina Go -- Speech #? researching on the topic.
Catherine's Speech #2 for organizing speech
Jap Constantino for Speech#6 for Vocal Variety

My scheduled speech is on February 8! Im excited for my first speech after 7 months of membership!