Thursday, January 19, 2006

Candidate Speech for "Vocal Variety": 1947 Old Apartment

Im having a problem with the house we are renting. We are planning or actually alreadyagreed upon to leave by December 15, 2002. I was hesitant to leave the house coz I now feelcomfortable with that apartment coz its large and silent not like in any other places. Theonly thing we're complaining is the big amount of rent we're investing evry month. So, Lotushave planned to buy her new house and Noliet have planned to come with her relatives's. This really bothers me. So, yesterday Noliet's sister and bayaw went to our house coz theywere invited by her. They told us to come with them in Mandaluyong where they saw a housewe could rent and its quite expensive at 8T/mo compared to our present apartment at 6T/mo.Unfortunatley, we were not able to see the house coz the owner wasn't there. So me and Noliet went home right away.Lotus who went to a "lamay" the whole day and saturday night was already at home. We wonderedwhy she does not go upstairs and she waited for us. Yun pala, there is something horribleand scary that she would tell us. When she went to a "lamay" in Binangonan, she met her friendwith third eye. She told many proof's of her friends "third eye" seeings. She told that herfriend can see dead people or ghosts which she and her barkadas have believed to be true. Shesaid her friend can also see things in places even if she haven't been there. She then consultedour old house where we are renting. She asked her "third-eyed friend" if there is also alost soul or something in the old 1947 apartment. She said there is no lost soul or dead people inthe house. I was quite relieved but she said there is something in the house. "Its not daw asoul of a dead person but a "dwende" or dwarfs." she said. I was horrified to death that I felt that "tumataas ang balahibo" ko. So, I laughed to convince her that I do not believe in her joke.But, since her friend really sees things like that I should believe it anyway. "The 2 dwarfs coloredblue and white daw is somewhere in this house", she further said. So, I asked "Where?". "Talaga? Youreally want to know? You will not be afraid", she asked. "Oo, para ma-avoid natin diba or wecould take precaution diba?", i explained. "Its in the basement cabinet...", she softly answered.Oh my God, I felt like i was weakening due to that. You know why? Becuase, the cabinet she's referring to is the cabinet inside my room! Whahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... I couldn't scream but I really want to scream! But then it seems true. That's the thing we usually hear day and night somewhatlike walking or playing by the stairways. That maybe the one disarranging my antique jars placed nearthe cabinet. It maybe true. I know its so frightening, but i couldnt do anything about this. So what I did is that I re-arranged my things neae the cabinet and removed my things in thecabinet. While Im doing this Im crying as if asking those friends in my room to forgive me ordont harm me. I cried in the room myself coz I already loved staying in the house, now I have tofind another boarding house, now I have to live with this under world creatures, now I have to suffer and scare to death when Im alone in the house. I cried not only because of that. Itsbecuase my mother has a diabetes and she needs more money for her medication. And now I have tosend her some money while Im saving for a downpayment for the new house which I still have tosearch for. That was really self weakening. I cried and cried as if my friendly room mates wouldhear me, to give me some luck or some power. I wish they are not bad spirited dwarfs. I left thelights turned on in my room. I couldn't sleep til the morning comes. I woke up at 5:30am, so Iwent to ASTI very early in fact I was the earliest in CED. Now, I have to continue working as ifno one has happened last night. I have to work for myself and my family especially my mother who had been so kind to me.

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