Thursday, January 19, 2006

Realization of who I am, where I am going and what should I do

As i go to work today, I was feeling so lonely. Aside from the reason that Im feeling sick because of slight throat infection, there are so many things that bothers my mind.And these things that bothers my mind are not making me feel good. I feel like there is something lacking in myself that I can't figure out. There is something I want to dobut I can't do. My dreams... my goals... my education... my professional growth and my lovelife...All this things makes me feel so small as if Im not a significant human anymore. Butthis things makes me realize who i am, where Im going and what should I do.> Im Edwin D. ViƱas - an ordinary person from an ordinary family.> Im a successful student once and has been a model for perseverance -- making great things or accomplishing great things out of nothing.> As being a person of simple origin, I should not be expecting too much. I mean If Im going to dream -- it should be something that's realizable and wouldn't make me feel greedy of something. I want to reach my dreams in a natural way -- living as what I am before -- simple and humble and persevering...> What I should do is to "Do whatever I can do... based on the abilities and gifts given by God and those nurtured by my environment.> With so many things that's lacking in me, I should not feel lonely. I should make as my challenge to strive better.> As my saying goes "Kahit ganito lang ako... I want to show them that I can also do what great persons can do.. but of course, with the blessings of the God Almighty". As I read through my diary archives, I found one thing that really makes me feelso unhappy. Lord please help me cope up with the current situation... help me view the world withpositive attitude and please bless all people with your unending grace, power andgood thinking so that we may be able to live harmoniously in this world as we journrytowards your eternal kingdom in heaven.

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