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CTM Speech Project# 10 - Inspire the Audience : "Godish Technologies"

Silver and White Toastmasters Club - Philippines
Competent Communicator (CC) Graduation Speech
"Godish Technologies"
By Edwin D. Vinas / November 28, 2007

We are now living in a very different world -- a world being run by corporations and capitalism that if you will not cope up w/ competition you will not survive. Well, as a proof, all of us here survive because we are employed by a corporation. But, survival is not enough or not proper if we are just surviving for the present time or if we don’t care on how we survive. How about the survival of the next generations to come?

On my very first speech here in Toastmasters Club, I said that one of my goals in life is to be able to clarify the mysteries in this world. Well, all I can say is that this world is so complex but as I continue to observe and explore this world, one thing that fascinates me is man’s successful adaptation to a technological world to provide it’s needs to survive. We can no longer live in this world happily without the use of technologies. We can no longer live without money. We can no longer live without working. We can no longer live without sacrificing our families just to find jobs abroad. And we can’t deny the fact that together with six (6) billions of people, we are now on a very saturated world. We really need to re-evaluate what’s happening in this modern times and change the way we live.

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Have you ever wondered what's happening in the world that concerns everyone? It’s too much industrialization and global climate change but despite of the current growth of knowledge, we are still living so miserable in a way that the way we live is full of suffering young and old, rich and poor, managers and workers, students and teachers, mothers and fathers – we all can’t deny our sufferings.

Why is it that we continuously work everyday? Because this planet which was once a paradise is now no more than just a cruel world continuing to revolve through history. We are now in a world governed by money -- it's all you need to survive -- the simple planet before which is a simple as a growing seed is now as complex as the helix of a DNA. All of us would realize at this moment that life is all about adapting to the current environment and being able to experience life no matter what it takes.

As man progresses through history and time, we can see that our basic motive is to experience living in the world but this desire gets overly corrupted to such an extent that we continuously degraded and changed the natural faces of nature into an artificial world. In these modern times, the desire of humans is all about enjoyment, survival and discovery. But as we move forward, we create wars against nations or divide ourselves based on races and beliefs. Right now, all of us have very shallow and useless reason on why we continue to survive -- most of us spend the whole life working for common goals such as job security, financial stability, and self-enjoyment.

But, despite of all these, we are lucky – or precisely, I am lucky to being able to speak to you tonight to deliver my graduation speech as one of the creations of God. Truly, God and man has a very interesting relationship... Trillion years ago, God created this Universe... God's greatest creation is man... Man has continued to exist in at least the 2000 years of human civilization... But, man has also continuously corrupted the universe... Developing products that would kill himself just like the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 or the local explosion of unexplained origin in Glorietta 2 this year... It's because of the lack of understanding of his Creator and his environment... It's because of the greediness... It's because of growing number of evils and the bad way of living by some other people... The current world is both a worsening world and it’s like we are all here trapped in a loop where we have no other choices but to go with the flow and live as what life brings. But despite of this worsening state of the world, there are people who are so concerned about how to live righteously or how to live simple so as to give way to other people.

But do you know the greatest challenge that we have right now? It’s the challenge on how to make this place a better place to live in even in these modern times where natural resources is gradually depleting due to very high population and wrong way of living. When I went to Orlando’s Disney Science Park called Epcot in Florida, USA, four years ago. I was enlightened by the “Spaceship Earth” attraction, which showcases life’s history from primitive period up to these modern times. But the most important stage of history shown in that place that amazed me is the modern period of technological revolutions, which lead to a different life that we have right now. As I recall my childhood life, I was once living in a place with no television, no jeepneys nor trains, not even electricity or cellphones. I was lucky to be born where there are still free things on Earth – picking up ripe guava or wild berries in my natural playground or going to swimming in fresh rivers and lakes. I was so lucky to be born in a middle age where I was able to witness how this planet has changed from primitive to industrialized planet. But, as I marvel with the greatest scientific developments and new lifestyle, I can’t deny the fact that the current world is not moving on the right track. Because of too much sufferings due to daily problems on survival, some people just believed in religion and believing in God’s mercy or from fairies to spell their magic wands to change this planet to its original state – fresh air, low population, abundant food, and natural living. But, our greedy ancestors were to blame with this. In these modern times, more and more people are losing hope – and they are turning to religion as the last resort. But, can religion save us from this kind of life in this planet? In 1929, many people are wondering whether the greatest scientist of all time believe in God or not. He said “science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind ... a legitimate conflict between science and religion cannot exist." In short, we have not much hope if we just depend on religion. What we must also depend on is technology advancement. But, not just technology developments but a responsible way of developing technological inventions. And the only way to develop non-destructive and natural technologies by patterning it from God's creations -- hence, we will call it Godish technology.

What is Godish Technology? Godish technology is any technology that is based on God’s creations – a natural technology that doesn’t cause bad effects to the environment and people. From the word “God”, Godish technology is something that humans must understand and follow in order to co-exist with the whole universe.

What problems that are now coming out due to incorrect development of technologies? Global warming… Pollution… Shortened Lifespan…. Nuclear wars… Electronic waste… I was fortunate enough to be born on an age where nature is on its fading stage and the coming of the modern times. Maybe, that was the purpose of my Creator to be able to extend to you my thoughts as someone being able to experience the different stages of history from primitive life to modern life. One of the greatest examples of how the natural world becomes an artificial modern world is this -- before, I can still drink from streams/rivers near our house, but now we are buying purified waters just to drink. I will not be shocked if in the future even the air we breathe will also be sold in cans or bottles for the blue sky that we have right now will soon be turned into black sky where no one can survive without buying air masks to breathe in. We must start to develop Godish technologies for it’s the only solution to our problems

What examples of Godish technologies are being introduced? As of now, Godish technologies can’t be seen yet being used widely but more and more companies are being aware of the problems that’s why they are starting to focus their attention in this area. Intel’s Core Duo… Kodak’s two-lens camera… Ford’s Hybrid Car… among others. Intel’s Core Duo reminds us of the structure of our brains, a left and right hemisphere! Kodak’s twin-lens camera is similar to how our two eyes work. So you see, a Godsih technology is any technology that is based on God’s natural creations. It is a technology that is natural and producing no dangerous waste & poses no side effects to our natural environment.

What Godish technologies do you think we need to develop? Basically anything that is similar to what can be found in our natural environment. A nose-like peripheral for computers so we can smell things from far away. A humanoid robot which can serve as domestic helpers so we can avoid sending Filipina maids for they’re more needed by their children in their own families. A computer that doesn’t have a keyboard or mouse but a brainwave interface to send/receive inputs directly and wirelessly from our brains. A flying car fueled by natural air so that we can travel like birds in the sky.

What are the hindrances in developing Godish technologies and products? The level of knowledge of humans are far more inferior than what God is using. So, it would take a lot of effort to study this kind of technology and the products we can develop from it. But if we will continue to “Think God and Act like God!” we can surely develop these natural Godish technologies. I’m just sad about what is happening right now because we are now living in an artificial world where everything we consume are a product of laboratories and factories. We no longer find natural foods except those we scarcely find in the expensive markets or the oceans or lands in some last frontier places such as Palawan.

What happens when we start developing Godish technologies and products? No more oil crisis! Less poverty! Less pollution! A better quality life in the next generations to come! A longer lifespan for the human civilization and the whole planet Earth!

How do we start developing Godish technologies? Our education system should include this field of study in all our schools’ curriculums so students are aware of it and we must do it starting right now. The government must help develop specialized field and professions who will focus on this area. Imagine a world where every product is labeled and marked as “Godish Certified”.

In my previous speech, I’ve talked about the most important fact that we humans are born to be creators! Thus, as creators, it is our duty and responsibility to develop technologies that not only satisfies the consumers or generates more profits but also technologies that blends well with the environment and the only way to do this is to adapt and develop based on Godish Technologies & Principles.

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