Thursday, March 01, 2007

S&W Toastmasters Speech 8: "X.P.I.M.S"

Our world is getting busier – personal, business, and events makes us more astray that if we don’t apply proper personal organizing methods and tools, we will be out of sync on what we really want to do. What I have shown you is just an example of how oneself can get organize. Getting organized means improved personal productivity. Improved personal productivity means a growth of the company and growth of the economy.

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This is my 8th speech project for the Competent Toastmasters (CTM Level) certification. I got a nice evaluation from this speech and that maybe because this is easy -- you just need to be comfortable with visual aids. But, aside from showing visual aids, I want to be able to share my personalized organizer system called "XPIMS". It's not a software but rather a process and integration of tools & systems to properly organize oneself making sure that you are only doing what you want to do to accomplish your dreams in life. "Good organization, no nervous feelings, very comfortable with the slides, but not much vocal variety..." -- just some of the things I remember from the evaluation courtesy of Michelle Gan.

What's so special about this speech is that it took me about 4 months to prepare since I still bought a laptop in the US :-) I know that's quite expensive but even buying a laptop is also included in my XPIMS and I don't regret spending for it. So, I just hope you can also organize yourselves properly. For a person like me who only came from an ordinary family, I really can't let myself live astray and using a personalized organizer like XPIMS really helped me a lot to be where I am now.

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