Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CTM Speech Project# 9 - Persuade with Power : "The Continuous Evolution: The Creator-Creature Universal Dynamics"

CTM Speech Project# 9 - Persuade with Power
"The Continuous Evolution: The Creator-Creature Universal Dynamics"

At last, I was able to get back on a balanced work and personal life! The highlights for today are so many but the most exciting accomplishment I had for today is the completion of my 9th speech project and mind you, I talked about a very interesting topic and I dedicate it to Whoever created us. Yeah, that's right, this is my most interesting speech and the best evaluation I got from one of the pioneers of the Toastmasters Club. I was so excited in delivering the speech because it tackles something so deep, imagine I talked about the principle of creatore-creature universal dynamics! It's basically a speech on persuading the people/audience that we are born naturally as creators eventhough we are also creatures. I somehow touched the minds and hearts of my audience and have in some way persuaded them that as a human creature, we have the power to create and decorate the universe as it is God's garden. Wow, after that speech and nice evaluations I really feel like I am improving both in public speaking and physically. I am so glad I was able to do what I need to do -- enlightening once again my audience in honor of our God's creations. What a very magnificent universe it is!

Here is my 9th speech project:
“The Continuous Evolution: Creator-Creature Universal Dynamics”
A Speech Project # 9
Silver & White Toastmasters Club, Manila, Philippines
Edwin D. Vinas
June 27, 2007

Good evening my fellow creatures!

In my first speech, I said one of my goals in life is to clarify the mysteries in this world. I remember, my evaluator exclaimed, “Wow, clarify the mysteries of this world!” In my other speeches, I’ve talked about the expanding universe… I’ve also talked about an idea that the brain is our universe… and I’ve shared about the one truth that’s inevitable – we will live once in this world. But, my speech for tonight would definitely change the way you live your life![frontslide].

My fellow toastmasters, the universe is so complex and so vast[show cosmos]... As years pass by, astronomers have proven that our planet is just one of the billions of planets in the universe[show zoomed out cosmos]. With the recent successful mission of Atlantis STS-117 of NASA to the International Space Station, we have proven that science and technology can allow humans to travel outside our own planet [show nasa; iss; planets]. More and more discoveries about the universe are coming into place, and one more significant discovery is when science unraveled the complexity of DNA [show DNA] -- the building block of all living things. But the complexities of the universe all boils down to one idea… We are part of a continuously evolving universe and all these are being governed by the principle of creator-creature universal dynamics.
As you will notice, humans are the main subject of these creations[zoom in to man in the office]. As humans, we are the only ones who were given so much knowledge, power, and wisdom to create! Yes, my fellow toastmasters, when we are born, the creator wired our brains to have the ability to create things! And that is the purpose why the Creator created humans -- the most magnificent, the most intelligent, and the most complex creature in the whole universe!
This natural ability to create has led us into the advanced human civilization that we are in today – we have created so many things. Out of the basic ability to create babies[babies], we have shown the creator that we can do much more than that! We have created so many things such as computers, cars, buildings, cities, software, money, economy, spaceships and many other things that I am sure the Creator is fully delighted of what he is seeing![man-computers; cars; buildings; cities; software; money; clothings; robots]

Knowing that you have been gifted with the power and the natural ability to create -- what are you waiting for? Go and tell your girlfriend or your boyfriend to create babies!!! But, hey, our abilities should be used much more than that. Let's create things that will further enhance the human civilization and show our Creator that we are doing what He has designed us to do. You know, this big universe is like a God’s garden. If you were the creator, wouldn’t you be delighted to see your creatures creating other things?

I know most of us here are working in a company, or doing their own business, and in some way or another have been creating things whether it’s a baby, a product, a system or another body of knowledge or invention. But, let's not be contented with that. You can create more meaningful and significant creations!

Why don’t you create a more advanced robot?[show asimo]Why don’t you create more faster and low-cost spaceships so we can escape the traffic in Manila by flying through the airspace?[flying cars]Why don’t you create genetically engineered plants and animals to provide sufficient foods for the poor street children?[show street children]Why don’t you create more reliable & efficient technologies for exploring the solar system so we will have new planets for the next generations?[show Mars exploration; paradise].

So my fellow creatures, now that you know you are born to create, why don’t you harness your potential to create… create… and create! Don’t be afraid to think of what you want to create. Creations all started with conceptualizing an idea. It all starts with thinking what you want to create. When I say create, it should be something new, something different and something that haven’t existed anywhere else and most of all, something that the can contribute to the continuous evolution of the universe!

I have an accompanying visual aids for this one. Just email me if you want to see it. It's full of nice slides w/ markers being pointed in the various sections of the speech.

Some evaluations I need to take note -- get rid of two Ah's, don't use notes even if just a few, make the closing more powerful (ended abruptly), involve the audience (consider what they can do --not expect them to build a spaceship if they are ordinary people!)



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i would like to receive the picture that you have used...

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Jamila Khan said...

It is an interesting piece, and ya, I think it lacks audience's involvement... I m in the midst of preparing my 9th project speech n having the writers block. Your article really opened my mind a bit. Thank you.


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