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Toastmaster's Speech Project No. 5: "Money"


A Speech Project for the Silver & White Toastmasters Club

April 19, 2006

1.01 MSE San Carlos

6:30PM – 8:30PM


  • Use stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact to express your message and achieve your speech’s purpose.
  • Make your body language smooth and natural.


  • The speaker enlightened me by providing his personal point of view about how people should treat money.
  • The speaker demonstrated proper use of gestures and movement by narrating his experience on the day he lost his ATM.
  • The speaker enlightened us that money isn’t the reason why we are born in this world.



A Speech Project for the Silver & White Toastmasters Club

April 19, 2006

1.02 MSE San Carlos

6:30PM – 8:30PM

Catching Opening:

Good evening! I am happy to join with you in tonight’s joint meeting between Diamond and Silver & White Toastmasters Club. I doubt if there is anyone that would argue the fact that in our modern society money is the most important commodity in any persons’ life. [Pause, look at the audience faces] Some people consider it as more important than water, air and gravity which are the necessities for human survival and comfort. According to others, money is the root cause of all evil. Tonight, I am going to tell you the story on how I realized the importance of money.

Supporting Body: (Purpose is to PERSUADE)

Body Gestures:
Scratching of head/hair – portray confusion/don’t know what to do (when atm was not in pocket)

Tightening of fist – “sinisisi” whoever got hold of my ATM

Rythmic Beating of Fingers – where did I place that?

A sudden pause/bow – reflecting deep emotion/thoughts with sad face (worst things that may happen)

Looking at the different parts of ceiling – looking for clues where I left my atm

Smile – when finally nothing wrong has happened; still was able to send some money.

Throwing hands – means give money to those in need


It was last Monday morning right after the holy week. The day before it happened was Easter Sunday wherein I went to church after a very long time, I watched movie alone, had some haircut and ate some food in Gateway Mall in Cubao which is the nearest cool place in our house. But even before that day, I’ve been economizing my money since I have planned to buy some clothes, send money to my parents, and pay my bills. And so during that Monday morning, I’ve decided to go to the mall to withdraw first some cash so I could send some money to my parents in the province. In the mall’s ATM center, there was this lady who’s currently doing some transactions. She has been there for about five minutes while I angrily and eagerly waited. Then, suddenly she backed out facing me next in line and said, “You withdraw first”. And I said, “Why, what’s the problem? Does this ATM have run out of cash?” And she said, “No, it has money. Just go ahead.” Since I am quite in hurry, I immediately occupied the ATM and without saying thanks to the lady, I pulled out my wallet and I almost felt someone shot me in the head when I realized my ATM is not in my wallet. [Scratching of head/hair] I stood there speechless for a couple of minutes, while I searched my wallet but no sign of that blue Metrobank ATM card. No sign! I am sure I didn’t misplace it. I haven’t lost any ATM card before and this could not be possible. [Tightening of fist] Could it be stolen by my cousin who left for the province this morning?! No, she can’t do it. Or did I just misplaced it in one of the pockets of the pants I’ve worn yesterday? [Rythmic Beating of Fingers] Where did I place that? Who could have gotten it? This is a big disaster! [Walking in front of the stage biting fingers/looking at the ceiling] If someone have found it and known my PIN code and withdrawn all my money, what will I do? I only have P100 pesos cash in my wallet… I need to pay my Internet, Meralco, water bills! I need to send money to my parents in the province! And, I haven’t taken my breakfast, and this P100 peso bill is not enough until the next salary! Oh my God! Is this a punishment for not going to church for a very long time? Is it a punishment for watching movie alone on Easter Sunday? Is it a punishment for my selfishness! Many things ran through my mind during that time. If only I have spent it for my new clothes, sent money to my parents or gone for a nice vacation, I should not be feeling this way.

[Smile] And I just thought it’s just money! I need to be calm and ask help on what to do with this kind of situation. So, with a P100 peso bill in my pocket, I ate my breakfast and went personally to the bank where the ATM account was opened by the company. And the good thing is that, I was able to verify that no withdrawal has been made except the last one that I did on a certain date which relieved my worried mind. And, then without hesitation, I withdrew the money I needed to send money to my parents. After sending money, I now realized how I’ve lost it. I have somehow left the ATM card in the machine when I first inquired and since no cash is dispensed I inquired again the balance and with the receipt already released, I grabbed it and went home without the card. I am sure my cousin has not stolen it from me. [Smile and laugh!]

With this experience, I can say that money means everything that if you don’t have it, you will experience the feeling of the street children, the poor squatters, or the people who doesn’t have a job. You are like a disabled person if you have no money. But this experience of mine has given me a chance to realize how important money is for me. But how should people treat money so as it doesn’t overwhelm his soul with too much greed and evil. One way, is to treat it something like water. [Looking at the audience’s eyes] Yes! Money is like water. Everyone needs it to survive. Everyone must keep it continuously flowing by helping others such as giving money to parents, sending a sibling to school, or anything that would transfer it to others who need it. Another way of keeping money flowing is to establish your own business. This way, you’re not only keeping the money in circulation, but also you are helping other people by providing them jobs.

In our modern society, money has more value than air, light and water which are necessities for survival and comfort. Of course, happiness, health, and salvation are more valuable when it comes to true essence of life but they are not commodities. Money is a commodity and it has control on most aspects of a human existence both for good and evil.

Memorable Conclusion:

My fellow toastmasters, I’ve just shared to you an illustrative example on how we should value money. Don’t save money if you are not happy! Money, is meant to be spent and not kept in the bank. Money is just like a dead piece of dirty metal or paper. You can’t carry it when you die, but you can bring it to the people who need it to ease their sufferings. Besides, money is not the reason why we are born in this world. As what the Bible says in Matthew 16:26, “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

Thank you for your time and attention.


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